Diggers Military MC - Diggers MC History

The Patch and its History 

The Bullets represents the Military Forces in general and indeed that all personal of the three services of the ADF are weapons trained and in combat, ammunition is used. The arched design is an excellent focal piece of the colours and will enable to others recognise the DIGGERS MILITARY MC easily.

The Barbed Wire, adds the concept of the early days of the DIGGERS when great sacrifices were given especially in the trenches of Northern France, Belgium and greater a field in Europe. This along with the name DIGGERS allows us the pay homage to the brave serviceman of the Australian and Commonwealth Forces to which we owe so much.
The Southern Cross is our patriotism to Australia and as stated previously, if Chapters are established in New Zealand or further a field, they can show the same allegiance with the respective embalm of their country.
Military MC: It is hoped that the DIGGERS MILITARY MC will become a very large club throughout Australia and what will make us distinctive to other MC’s is that we are wearing and displaying, that we are all serving and ex-serving military personnel, hence the arched Military MC encompassed.   
Black/Green and Gold (Bullets) colours were chosen as they represent the Military and of course in the modern world, and the conflicts that Australian and Commonwealth Forces are engaged in, all three services use these distinctive colours.